Window film

Our window film is a biaxially oriented polystyrene film without plasticizers or fillers that is manufactured in a two-step process.

For envelope windows, we offer our non-reflective film in thicknesses of 26 µm and 29 µm. The surface of the film is antistatic and therefore guarantees high process reliability, even in envelope machines that operate at high speeds. The machine readability of our film has naturally been confirmed by the German federal post office.

Other thicknesses up to 100 µm are available on request, although a minimum order quantity may be required.

All films can be printed using the usual printing processes, can be glued with suitable adhesives, and are thermoformable. This means they can be applied to paper, wood, metal, and a second norflex® film.

We deliver these types of film with a matte finish, and depending on its use, we can also produce these films with antistatic properties.