About us

As one of the first producers in the world, we have been manufacturing biaxially oriented polystyrene film for over three quarters of a century.

The extrusion technology we have developed in-house has made a significant contribution to the ability to precisely set and improve the mechanical properties of polystyrene.

Our wide range of films of various thicknesses and qualities is used on the one hand in the food industry as an intermediate layer to separate slices of raw ham or cheese. On the other hand, we produce window films (some with antistatic properties) for use in envelopes or folding boxes.

We continue to manufacture various special styrene-based films for customer-specific applications. In addition to our cable insulating film, we would like to mention our unique SAN film in particular, which is used primarily in in-mould applications.

We have made it our job to continue being the leader in the production of the highest quality biaxially oriented polystyrene films and to advance their development even further.