Norflex Interleaver – Release film
sliced foods

Our interleaver film is a product that is increasingly being used as a as separating film on high performance slicers for slicing cheese, sausage, meat, and fish.

The continuous development of our products guarantees the many outstanding properties of this type of film:

  • Can be processed at the highest processing speeds
  • Highest efficiency in production
  • High process reliability due to consistent quality
  • Manufacturer-specific, low thickness tolerances
  • Long blade lifespans are achieved due to the mechanical properties of our film.
  • They can be processed using circular as well as with involute blades.
  • Cleanly cut edges without fraying or chipping
  • Excellent flatness due to its high inherent stiffness
  • Not hygroscopic, which means the lowest possible moisture absorbency, which also has a positive effect on the flatness.
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Physiologically safe and suitable for direct contact with foods.
  • Various thicknesses, colors, and surfaces possible
  • Custom length rolls are cut to length with millimeter precision on CNC-controlled roll cutters.

We work together with leading slicer manufacturers so we can offer them fantastic products that meet the high requirements in terms of lowering costs and maximizing output.

Depending on the area of application, we deliver clear, matte, embossed (textured), white and colored film qualities.

Interleaver Types